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Instructors - Special Forces
Instructors - Safe Driving
Instructors - Racing Driver
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Lawyers - Legal Assistance
Instructors - Special Forces
1. Chief Police - Judiciary Police between 2003/2008. He works in various departaments like Homicide, Narcotics and 'S.W.A.T.' [F.E.R.A.]. He works in criminals investigations for the prosecution. Also arresting criminals at large.

2. Police Officer - Military Police Officers Academy - São Paulo - 1995. (
Academia de Polícia Militar do Barro Branco -

3. Member of the Brazilian Army reserve forces.

4. Course/2003: French Police (Brigade Regionale D’enquet Coordinate). (included self-defense, pistol, revolver, rifle, low light and much more).

5. Course/2005: Authority and Prosecution Protect with Sandy Wall (so many years he did the Chief of President’s Personal Security in the USA) and Cati. (included Defensive, Offensive and Evasive Maneuver, anti terrorism, anti bomb and other activities).

6. Course/2006/CATI: Immobilization Techniques (

7. S.W.A.T./Course/2007/Texas. (included Rappel, Sniper, CQB – combat quarter battle, bus assault, breaching and much more).

8. Chief Police’s Course/2004: Superior School in the Parana-Brazil. (included revolver, pistol, automatic rifle, CQB, bus assault, breaching, self-defense and much more).

9. Course/2005: Defensive driving, evasive and anti-kidnapping with
Armored Cars - Safe Driving School.

10. Knowledge about P.I.T. - Pursuit Immobilization Technique.

11. Knowledge about Ofensive Driving Techniques.

12. Texas SWAT (TTPOA – member between 2007/2008.

13. Knowledge about First Aid and Rescue into the city or forest.

14. General knowledge about Jungle Survival.

15. General knowledge about navigation without gps, maps or compass.

16. General Knowledge about Fire Extinguisher in urban areas.

Practice karate for 3 (three) years and He was champion.

18. Knowledge about self defense using multi martial arts.

19. Refresher course in Public Safety Management sponsored by the School of Civil Police in partnership with the Academy of Military Police Guatupê - September 2005.

20. School Officers of the Military Police of São Paulo (White Clay) - Student Officer (Cadet) in 1995, having been placed 8th in the class.

21. Course about Attitude and Professional Image sponsored by Fundação Bradesco - april 2011.

22. Business Ethics organized by FGV - march 2011.

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